HR planning

January 10, 2020

This report examines Umbrella Inc human resources planning. The company is one of the largest online gambling companies in the world. Umbrella has over 6,500 employees, representing more than 80 nationalities, with major hubs in Jakarta, Delhi, Tokyo and Shanghai, as well as country teams based in Rome, Barcelona, Amsterdam, San Francisco and Melbourne. The human resources plan makes sure needs are properly defined and the best and most talented employees are recruited and retained to assist in meeting Umbrella’s objectives, such as creating and maintaining competitive advantage, improving the innovation potential and achieving sustainable growth and profits

One of the strategic goals the organization wants to achieve in the upcoming years is the business expansion in the United States. Since each state will have its own regulation a mix between new and existing competencies is required. Human resources (HR) planning is crucial in facilitating company expansion programs needed to address the growing manpower needs. HR managers are primarily responsible for ensuring that the business is always adequately staffed and thus able to pull in the human resources it needs. To enter the USA market a new office was opened in San Francisco and a review of the group policies was done to adjust, where needed, worldwide policies and make them in line with local employment laws. To quickly staff the newly created office, internal vacancies were open to relocate some employees from Asian offices to the USA. Together with this activity recruitments were carried out in San Francisco. To maximise the group performance in new markets and achieve a sustainable growth another key practice is to rely on the existing workforce. For this new training materials, specific to the US market, were added to the e-learning platforms used by the company and employees encouraged to extend their knowledge in view of a real career progression chance.

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