Recruitment process

January 12, 2020

The relevant manager to a vacancy, within my organisation, usually has to recruit for a replacement or for a new position. The first scenario is easier to handle because the role’s details such as job title and purpose, involved skills, responsibility level and required experience are already known. The company uses an online system to track and manage vacancies so for this case, with a few clicks, the manager can create a new one based on the previous one. If the position is a new one, time has to be invested to collect all the required information and for this task usually a talent acquisition expert supports the manager responsible for the position. At the end a vacancy is filled again in the same online system mentioned above. Once the entry is in the system and details are known the formal approval process starts. Few approvals might be required for a single position, last but not least, Chief Human Resources Officer’s approval.

Once the recruitment for a vacancy is approved a new open position is created. Since career progression is key in Umbrella Inc. first the newly created position is published in the internal career site and promoted through the intranet social software. However, if the positions cannot be filled internally within a few weeks, the same item is listed in the public career web site and other channels, such as LinkedIn. Received applications are handled by the talent acquisition department in collaboration with the manager responsible for the vacancy. Once an interesting candidate applies, a number of interviews are done to assess experience, skill set and have a full understanding of the person’s skills and abilities. People with different roles can be involved in this process. When the selection process doesn’t end with a job offer candidates receive a feedback letter explaining why they were unsuccessful.

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